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Ankasa Reserve and Nini Suhien National Park

Come and discover the jewel of West African Rainforests

The Ankasa Reserve and Nini Suhien National Park make up an area of 509km2 of continuous, intact, pristine, upper guinea wet evergreen rainforest. This beautiful forest protects a plethora of flora and fauna waiting to be discovered by the adventurous traveller. Very little research has been conducted within this remote forest, making each excursion deep into this habitat that little more exciting. Bongo, forest elephant, leopard, chimpanzee, 3 species of pangolin and several primate species are resident here. Over 630 species of butterfly and more than 200 species of birds are recorded inside the forest with many more found along the boundary and surrounding habitat. Endemic plant species are among the 800 recorded here, along with many regional endemic bird, butterfly and moth species making Ankasa Reserve possibly the most biologically diverse forest in West Africa.

Here is a comprehensive bird and mammal list for Ankasa Reserve, Nini Suhien National Park and surrounding habitat.

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