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Professionally led by Ghana’s finest birding, wildlife, and culture tour guides
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Expertly Guided Tours

Locally led half, full and multi day tours and excursions

Ankasa Reserve Lodge are happy to be able to offer our guests exceptional experiences during their time here with us. Our wide portfolio of tours and excursions will be guided by an expert, in your chosen area of interest. Our guides have years of experience in leading international groups in a multitude of areas. These include but are not limited to birding, mammals, butterflies, botany, reptiles, amphibians, walking, hiking, biking, culture, and history tours. Our tours offer wonderful photographic opportunities, and our guides are experienced in ensuring our guests have the best opportunity of that perfect photograph.

Mammal Tours

Night walks, spotlighting, venturing deep inside Ankasa Reserve

Our Ankasa Mammal Tours are designed for the wildlife enthusiast wanting to see the more difficult rare species that are found in our beautiful rainforests Ankasa Reserve. Customized tailor-made itineraries focused on target species or just to see as much of the varied wildlife that occurs here. The most important aspect of a successful mammal tour is the local guide, and we have the best expert guides in West Africa. Early starts and night walks looking for the more secretive nocturnal species is the norm on these tours.

Birding Tours

Customized tours to see target species or more relaxed bird watching

Ankasa Reserve is Ghana’s most biodiverse rainforest, protecting the most sought-after avian species in West Africa and a must visit location for any birding and wildlife enthusiast. Our tours focus our time inside Ankasa Reserve in addition to the forest edge and surrounding farm bush. Customized tours for keen birders wanting a productive bird list in addition to more relaxed bird watchers looking to enjoy the best of Ankasa, our expert guides can adapt to you. Tours operate year-round and our primary focus is on birds with early starts, staying after dark for nocturnal species, ensuring we dedicate the most critical bird viewing hours in the field. Our expert local guides will also keep their eyes open for other wildlife for you to enjoy during our nature walks.

Butterfly Tours

Ghana protects almost 1000 species of butterfly

The Ankasa rainforest hosts over 630 butterfly species, more than the entire continent of Europe in this incredible 509 square kilometres of wet evergreen rainforest. Ankasa has to offer one of the best opportunities to photograph tropical butterfly species in Africa. The stunning variety and intensity of colours coupled with the sheer number of species that occur in our forest will ensure you have a wonderful trip with us. Our local guides are experienced in leading butterfly photography tours, knowing the best locations for specific species and the best time of day to dedicate in the field. Several regional endemic species occur in Ankasa and we can bait the forest trails giving you the best opportunity of photographing the important species. There are also options to enjoy mothing and dragonfly photography during your time with us.

Hiking Tours

Walking and hiking forest trails, local communities, and coastal pathways

Ankasa Reserve and Nini Suhien National Park have thousands of kilometres of forest trails brimming with wildlife to explore. Our guides know the forest better than anyone, it has been their back garden for many years. Half, full and multi day walking and hiking excursions can be arranged. Our team can also set up camps for multi day adventures, venturing deeper into this amazing habitat. In addition to exploring the tropical forest, we also have walking routes that take in the surrounding farmland and local rural communities, meeting locals and experiencing their culture during our journey. The Western Region of Ghana is home to our best beaches. Only a 90 minutes’ drive from Ankasa Reserve Lodge, we can arrange excursions to walk the coastal pathways, taking in the stunning scenery and fishing communities.

Biking Tours

On and off-road biking adventures

Possibly the best way to travel, taking time to venture through remote seldom visited locations, off the beaten track, seeing stunning landscapes and enjoying nature. Forest trails, coastal roads and rolling tropical hills await us as we immerse ourselves in the colourful diverse cultures we meet during our rides. Our primary focus is getting out into nature, dedicating most of our time to feeling the breeze on our face and enjoying the sights and sounds of this part of West Africa. Our tours cater for all fitness levels, your guide will be knowledgeable on the wildlife and culture of the areas you visit and will love sharing this knowledge with you.

Culture Tours

Experiencing the colourful, diverse cultures and history of the Western Region of Ghana

Our cultural immersion tours are the best way to experience life for the local communities surrounding Ankasa Reserve. Our guides are from here and are proud to introduce you to their community and culture. Half and full day excursions can be arranged visiting local cocoa farms, learning the entire process from harvest to export. Seeing first hand how palm wine and local gin, Akpeteshie are distilled and helping the local women prepare Gari for sale or a local dish for our lunch. Day excursions to the nearby coastal forts at Axim can be arranged along with taking an adventure in local canoes to visit Ghana’s only village built on stilts over a lake at Nzeluzu. Full day beach excursions are only a 90-minute drive away and an ideal way of breaking up a few days trekking in the forest.

Guided Tours and Excursion Prices

Ankasa Reserve Lodge offer a wide range of half, full and multi day tours and excursions. These trips are based on one participant, professionally led by local guides, and designed to benefit conservation and local communities

Tour Type Half Day Full Day Multi Day Additional Cost PP
Birding and Nature $60.00 USD $110.00 USD $100.00 USD Per Day $20.00 USD Per Person
Butterfly Watching + Photography $50.00 USD $100.00 USD $90.00 USD Per Day $20.00 USD Per Person
Forest Mammals $60.00 USD $110.00 USD $100.00 USD Per Day $20.00 USD Per Person
Hiking and Walking $35.00 USD $60.00 USD $50.00 USD Per Day $15.00 USD Per Person
Mountain Biking $40.00 USD $70.00 USD $60.00 USD Per Day $15.00 USD Per Person
Village Experience $25.00 USD $40.00 USD $10.00 USD Per Person
Nzulezu Stilt Village and Axim Fort $100.00 USD $150.00 USD $50.00 USD Per Person
Axim Fort and Beach Relaxation $100.00 USD $150.00 USD $50 USD Per Person

The above excursions are based on using your own vehicle, if you need to rent a vehicle and driver for your tour and excursion please see below rates and vehicle options.

Land Rover 4 x 4 $60.00 USD $60.00 USD $60.00 USD Yes Yes
Toyota Hiace Minibus $90.00 USD $90.00 USD $90.00 USD Yes No
Toyota Sequia 4 x 4 $80.00 USD $80.00 USD $80.00 USD Yes No

If you do not see an excursion that appeals to you, please contact our reception as we can also arrange tailored trips in other areas of interest.

Payments can be made in Ghana Cedi at the lodges daily rate of exchange. We publish all our prices in USD due to the daily fluctuation of the Ghana Cedi and this saves us having to update our prices on our website on a weekly basis.

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