Ankasa Reserve Lodge
Wildlife, rainforest, comfort, fine dining and service with a smile
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Ankasa Reserve Lodge
Your gateway to explore 509 square kilometres of pristine rainforest
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Ankasa Reserve Lodge
Fine dining in paradise
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Ankasa Reserve Lodge
Comfort within Ghana’s most biodiverse rainforest
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Ankasa Reserve Lodge
Welcomed with a smile, by locals, the heartbeat of our lodge
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Ankasa Reserve Lodge

Quality service and comfort, whilst connecting you to the natural world

Ankasa Reserve Lodge is located along the Ankasa River on the boundary at the entrance to Ghana’s largest and most biologically diverse upper guinea rainforest, Ankasa Reserve. Our beautiful location, excellent bar and restaurant, quality services and choice of Executive River front chalets or mid-range and budget room options, makes us the perfect choice for anyone wanting to explore Ankasa Reserve and Nini-Suhien National Park. Expertly guided tours to experience the exceptional flora and fauna found in this vast 509 km² of continuous tropical rainforest can be pre-arranged. In addition, we offer guided tours in culture, history, biking, and hiking, visiting the nearby coastal forts, communities and beautiful beaches of the Western Region of Ghana.


A choice to meet all requirements

Here at Ankasa Reserve Lodge we understand everyone has a different budget or accommodation preference when travelling. Our wide selection of room choices ranges from luxury river front chalets, mid-range traditional raffia huts, smaller budget rooms and we also offer camping within our lodge grounds.

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Conservation and Community Benefits

Ankasa Reserve Lodge has a clear vision to benefit people in the local communities through a community fund, job creation, purchasing local produce and services. More than 90% of our team are from the surrounding communities and we hope to reduce the negative impact on the forest by locals through community projects, initiatives and educational outreach programmes.

Bongo Bar & Restaurant

Quality food and refreshments served with a smile

The Bongo Bar and Restaurant is the heartbeat of our lodge. A beautiful setting, surrounded by nature, offering the perfect environment to unwind and enjoy excellent food and refreshments. Our wide selection of local and international dishes are always freshly prepared by our executive chef and kitchen team. Keep an eye open for our daily specials board that offers fine dining at its best, with fresh fish, lobster, and other culinary delights. A wide range of quality beers, wines and spirits are always available and why not try the Ankasa Reserve Lodge signature cocktail “Soboteshie”.

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Expertly Guided Tours & Excursions

Professionally led tours that benefit local communities and conservation

Our wide portfolio of guided tours and excursions are designed to enable our guests to experience the best of Ankasa Rainforest Reserve, our surrounding communities, and nearby coastal highlights. To avoid disappointment locally guided tours by experts in birds, mammals, butterflies, reptiles, amphibians, flora, culture and the history of Ghana can be pre-arranged prior to your arrival at our lodge. Our expert guides are Ghana’s finest and always in high demand which is why we recommend securing their services pre arrival.

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Providing Hospitality the Correct Way


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Room Service

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Guided Tours

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Ankasa Reserve & Nini Suhien National Park

Experience the exceptionally diverse flora and fauna of Ghana’s best rainforest

We are so lucky to have Ghana’s most biologically diverse rainforest as the garden to our lodge. Ankasa Reserve along with the Nini Suhien National Park make up an area of 509 km2 of continuous intact evergreen upper guinea rainforest. This beautiful forest protects 800 vascular plant species, 640 butterfly species, 45 mammal species, over 50 amphibian species, in addition to 310 bird species that we have personally recorded in the forest and its surrounds close to our lodge. Bongo, forest elephant, leopard, civet, genet, and many species of forest duiker roam the understory with 10 primate species, anomalures, potto and pangolins enjoying the freedom of the mid storey and canopy. Basing yourself at Ankasa Reserve Lodge to experience the plethora of flora and fauna found here creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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